The incidence of Type 2 Diabetes has grown to epidemic proportions across the United States. The inability of patients to manage this problem effectively has caused a huge degree of excess morbidity and premature mortality. Worst of all, the associated human pain and suffering are inestimable. The economic costs of Type 2 Diabetes have changed the face of society.

Nowhere is this epidemic worse than among Hawaiian people. Yet, we have the tools for blood glucose management and the ability to arrest this epidemic. Why hasn’t this happened? What can nurses do to effect a change?

Learn at our conferences for diabetes the surprising answers to these questions and find a way out of our current situation. We will consider the disease state Diabetes Mellitus, its natural history on the planet, and the multiple individuals and collective factors that influence patient, family, and community outcomes of Diabetes. We will learn strategies to stop and reverse the Diabetes Epidemic in Hawaii and beyond.